balancing karma

Good has to be followed by bad. So it did, in my case.

The first shock came with Gaim. The file transfers were disabled. This behaviour was not new for me, but I had observed it between mismatched versions of the Yahoo! IM. Apparently, the behaviour also extended to non-Yahoo IMs. To be honest, I could just ask the other guy to mail me the damn file. I’m past the “swapping files through IM” stage anyways.

The second shock was a gradual build-up that peaked today. For a week or more now, I had been having trouble downloading attachments in GMail. Anything within the 150 KB limit I had set in the T-Bird would come down nicely. The rest, just refused to – and whats the big deal with GMail blatantly inflating email and attachment sizes? Many a times, I had to resort to forwarding the mail to others (thanks Thite, Das) and getting it through YIM. That makes the statement in the above paragraph null and void, doesn’t it?

Today, just for the heck of it, I decided to do a portscan on my Linux box. I visited My box was secure – in both Linux and win32 – for an average user. And because the site provided it, I also decided to do speed tests. The test I used was the Javascript based Broadband Speed Test. Before I list out the results, Pacenet (theoretically) gives me 48 Kbps.

Morning, Linux – 44.3 Kbps
Evening, win32 – 23.73 Kbps, 27.6 Kbps, 16.7 Kbps, 15.84 Kbps, 16.04 Kbps
Immediately after, Linux – 33.55 Kbps, 29.6 Kbps, 18.04 Kbps
Again in win32 – 25.96 Kbps, 22.25 Kbps, 34.42 Kbps, 29.19 Kbps

Just as I was about to curse to the heavens about Pacenet’s you know what, I decided to forward the latest attachment I needed to my Yahoo! account – and I downloaded it comfortably at more than 5 KBps… that would be 40 Kbps. This was just after the 34.42 Kbps reading.

The big question is – would I be able to download a 680 MB ISO? I had taken it for granted earlier. No longer.