any hobbies?

Its something I have envied about other people – specially those super achievers who keep a long list of hobbies on their resumes. Singing, dancing, making music, collecting stamps, martial arts, sports… oh, wow! I always thought of a hobby as being something that you did in common with a limited number of people; preferably, something that set you apart. Football is not Varun’s hobby; its a passion he shares with a million others. On the other hand, ask Amey what brand of soap Brian Lara uses… stalking Lara is Amey’s hobby. You should be a pro in your hobby – there is no scope for amatuers in it.

By that definition, a hobby becomes almost a second nature to us. And I guess, thats fine with those artistes and sportsmen. Martial artists… I don’t know – I haven’t seen any who have achieved the sheer mastery over their chosen art as is shown in the manga and anime I see. So, that can’t be called a hobby per se. And people who sing out loud during a bus trip and claim that singing is their hobby… or the number one on quite a few CVs – reading. Yeah, right.

The point of this confused rant is I have no hobby to speak of. Reading… I ‘m a voracious reader. And I do comprehend much of what I read – but its not a hobby, not according to what we decided earlier. Sports – sure, when India is involved. F1, obviously. But again, it doesn’t even approach the level of interest that Varun has for football. I don’t remember teams, drivers or statistics. Its technology – pure and simple – that has hooked me to motorsports. Technology – yes, that does interest me. And I do play around; when I can afford to, that is.

The closest thing I have to a hobby is what I described to a Director in DIREM as “peddling open source”. I wonder if that is correct? Among my “wares” would be WordPress,, various flavors of Linux, Dia and the “best-seller” – Firefox.