anti-reservation – wrong treatment of a malaise

Poll results in the Mumbai edition of The Times of India, dated Saturday, May 20, 2006. If polled, my response shall tip in with the ones in bold.

1. Should reservations be extended to OBCs in central educational institutes? Yes – 41% No – 59%
Thats obvious by now. Reservation is not the solution.

2. Will reservations promote social justice? Yes – 41% No – 59%
The opposite, rather. People get more prejudiced. “Reservations se aaya hai, hum open se aaye hain“. Talk of soul corrosion.

3. Is the medical students’ strike justified? Yes – 47% No – 53%
Holding the sick to ransom? BAD idea. Just hope that your loved ones don’t ever get sick during a strike, bandh or a riot.

4. Do SCs, STs and OBCs lack merit? Yes – 39% No – 61%
Face the truth – the upper castes are not genetically engineered super-Aryans. In fact, the lower castes who have survived till now, are the fittest of the oppressed, according to Darwin’s laws, while the upper castes must have degenerated their gene pool because of lack of competition.

5. Are quotas in perpetuity a good idea? Yes – 40% No – 60%
Refer 1 above. Affirmative action is the key.

Also from today’s TOI, “Now, IIT students take to the streets”

We have made it to IIT thanks to the quota but we face discrimination in every walk of life. From insulting names within the IIT campus to being rejected for jobs because of our Dalit status, we are the ignored lot.
– Neil Ratan Shinde, pro-reservation student in IIT Mumbai

I sent the following mail to Kunal Krishna from my college, a rather persistent anti-reservationist.

Are you truly against reservations because they bypass *merit* ? If yes, then what are you (and YFE) doing about NRI and management quotas? Or are you ignoring them because they form a very small percentage of the total seats? See

link to reservations – unequal entry

for more details.

There has been no reply so far.

The conclusions I have drawn so far are

  1. The protestors are “youth” who have spare time, money or both.
  2. They are just basking in their 15 seconds of fame.

You might say I’m a cloaked pro-reservation guy. But I’m not. People like those in YFE are simply acting in a juvenile fashion. They got the muscle to organise protests, but no brains to know what to protest against. If reservations are like acne on India’s face, then the idea of reducing reservations is like pimple removal cream. What we need is a blood purification program.

  1. Is Neil Shinde speaking the truth? If so, what does YFE have to say about it?
  2. Can YFE ensure that primary education and social equality is delivered to the oppressed class/caste?
  3. Can YFE remove social prejudice? Truly remove it? For real? Can they ask their parents, families, relatives and friends to shed their prejudices? Ask firmly and act even more definitively?
  4. Will YFE members stay back and help their country – the one they claimed was “disowning them”? Surely, obligations work both ways.
  5. What does YFE think of the fact that over 70-80% of the population comes under the “reserved category”? Surely, something is wrong? Is something wrong in the air Indians breathe? The water that we drink? Or have the upper castes subtly become the face of the country, making the country and the world believe the remaining 30-20% is India?
  6. Is YFE going to adopt further issues, or dissolve after the current one is resolved?There are others – social equality, economic parity, corruption (yeah right – rich kids fighting corruption), environment (what does YFE think about asbestos laden ships and the Narmada problem?) and many others.

Guess, there are no answers.

3 thoughts on “anti-reservation – wrong treatment of a malaise

  1. Hrishikesh

    Nice take. And well put.

    My 2p: It’s not (always?) that OBCs have less merit, or that the open category people have more of it. The point is, provide financial assistance, and not merit assistance. That too, not a blanket provision.

    So, prove you are worth your mettle, and the government (or whoever) will take care if you. I’m perfectly fine with that.

  2. Abhinav Gupta

    Reservation politics is killing Indian talent and inviting more brain drain, nobody should keep silence about it provided he/she is truly Indian…

  3. rvbhute

    Yes. So is social prejudice. So is economic prejudice (that is what I call the management quota). Abhinav, what are your views on those? Surely you agree they too suppress talent?

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