new domain

I have shifted to RVBHUTE.ORG. The blog has moved to; though if you are reading this, you already know it.

A big thanks to Thite for getting me the domain. And walking me through the process of getting the domain hosted.

Lots of links to update, both internal and external. Plus when I move to a different host sometime in the future, it would be another round of setting up the domain…

Nothing beats having your own domain. Take my word for it.

Don’t forget to update your links!

2 thoughts on “new domain

  1. Hrishikesh

    Another thing I’ve observed: Search engines love domain names… The hits to my blogs have increased many fold since I moved over to my own domain. They just don’t love Blogspot for some reason. I can’t think of any reasonable explanation…

  2. rvbhute

    Might have to do with the higher probability of a URL remaining constant in case of a registered domain.

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