Why the SC’s ire is justified

The Supreme Court has threatened to initiate contempt proceedings against the protesting fools. I whole-heartedly support it. Opinions and beliefs aside, YFE committed some signal errors in its protest which have not been in the best of its interests.

  1. Shutting down medical services. A strict no-no. Along with tap water, electricity and garbage disposal, medical services are necessary for a modern society to function. Not only did they stop their own service, they stopped others from helping too.
  2. Protests included writing posters in blood, sweeping the streets and begging. Just what in hell were these protestors implying? If anything made me angry, it was this. It was disgusting.
  3. Their argument of merit was flawed. Refer to my previous post. There are other ways in which merit is being compromised. Why haven’t they been attacked?

Those fools better clean up their acts, or the SC’s contempt action is going to be the least of their troubles.