ubuntu 6.06 lts

Its been three days since I have installed Ubuntu 6.06 LTS – the Dapper Drake. Am I looking back back? No way!

desktop screenshot

This is how my desktop looks (size- 90 KB). Pretty cool – I have a handle to everything I need. That is not to say there aren’t any problems. I’m not yet out of the woods. Some things to note :

  • The firewall GUI, Firestarter, doesn’t load up in the “systray” on startup. That icon is more of a placebo – I have confirmed that my machine is secure, iptables is always up and running. The GUI is needed only when I need to modify the rules.
  • Fonts- Everything in Ubuntu looks fresh and new – guess why? No MS fonts and I like it that way.
  • I need to run the EasyUbuntu script to setup stuff like “non-free” media codecs and stuff. I can do it manually from Synaptic but hey, there is an automated alternative available! Thats low on my priority though.
  • I’m testing Pacenet’s peformance like never before. Wget (I’m downloading the AMD64 ISO for Amey as a return favor) has given me an unprecedented amount of speed samples – thats real world data, not a simulated bandwidth test. Now I only need to figure out a way to parse the log files and get the average speed…

I had no problems on the applications front, just like I predicted. Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org and The Gimp. There was a GUI front-end for wget resembling Wackget in win32 – gwget – but I found the wget utility itself to be the most convenient; I’m using it to download the ISO as I write this. So far, I haven’t come across a good replacement for IrfanView – the default Eye of GNOME comes close, but doesn’t have IV’s nifty image editing features. About the only surprise was Bit Torrent – it was dramatically different from the win32 version.

I’ll loiter around till the ISO gets downloaded successfully. After that, it time for setting up localhost. Once that is up, it would be time to overhaul the site.

2 thoughts on “ubuntu 6.06 lts

  1. mohan

    hi rvbhute
    i too tried.. ubuntu 6.06 lts edition..
    my pacenet connection did connect .. but its not at all stable.. when i do ‘ifconfig’ i see multiple ppp(0/1/2/3/4) connections.. its like its connecting for a few minutes and then disconnects and another conn picks up.. i can browse pages intermittingly.. can you tell me whats wrong

  2. rvbhute

    About the stability of Pacenet’s connection, I think you need to take it up with your cable guy (or whoever services it for you). As long as you can connect, Linux is doing its job 100%

    Try sudo poff -a. It cleans up all your PPP interfaces. Then give a sudo pon dsl-provider. And plog is a good tool to keep an eye on whats happening, given the fact that Pacenet is very volatile, going by my experience.

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