What is this government doing?

In the last elections, I voted for the BJP. I don’t agree with a lot of their policies, but I agree with a lot more of their other policies – if you remove stuff like Hindutva and the Ram temple from their agenda and look at their other policies – it looked good. Darn good when compared to what this government is doing.

Growing up, I don’t think I ever experienced the Congress Raj. Who cares about politics when you can swing off the couch pretending to be Batman, right? And after 1992, it was as if the Congress was a beleagured, battered party. The country was safe. That’s right – unlike my parents who grew up under the Raj, I didn’t have the least idea about it. But that Raj is back. And its a frighteningly typical Congress Raj. An Orwellian Big Brother. It is a government that has assumed the mantle of being the mai-baap of the people without asking us if we want a mai or a baap. It is a goverment that prefers its constituency not to think – not to think for itself, or for the country or about how the country is going waste. It is a government that believes in “measures” – the more draconian the better, so the people don’t even dare to protest. It believes it knows best, the rest of the country be damned.

I pity the voters who voted for Congress or its allies. A list of what I consider are issues that should be used by the BJP during the next elections.

  1. There was lot of talk about yuva netas in the UPA who (we were assured) would be given an important part in running the country – as compared to the oldies in the BJP. Pilot, Deora, Scindia, Gandhi… and a lot more with less famous fathers. Where are the young turks?
  2. What’s with so many taxes, levies and cess charges? Don’t give us stupid excuses like social benefit schemes and all – show us the cash flow, the balance sheet.
  3. The government cares enough for us to help us give up smoking – by banning such visuals in media. Come again? Instead, how about taking on the formidable tobacco industry? And dissuading tobacco farmers? Oops! Suddenly, you find your party funds and vote banks are both significantly reduced.
  4. “The music videos are corrupting Indian culture. God forbid that the people corrupt themselves by watching such stuff. The music channels should immediately stop showing the videos and issue an apology that will scroll at the bottom of the screen – your friendly, caring government”. Uhh… what was that!?
  5. And of course, the recent policies about reservations in academics and industry – misguided, skewed and ones that will polarise the nation. While harping on reservations in higher acadmics and industry, the thrust on primary educatin that was initiated by the previous government has been quietly allowed to disappear. What is the use of reserving places in the IITs/IIMs and the industry if a kid doesn’t have access to primary education? But guess what gets them sound-bytes?
  6. Of course, I like the witch hunts – poor Bachhans – both Jaya and Amitabh – and their SP allies. But don’t you have anything better to do?

Look around – you will find more. Specially, if this government completes its five years.

3 thoughts on “What is this government doing?

  1. Vidyadhar Bhise

    Bhute bhai…
    first time seen such a detailed post on Current Affairs from u..
    and uhh…i really dun believe…
    for the first time i seem to be agreeing with u…

  2. rvbhute

    Good to see you have matured 😉 – well actually, cooker mein pressure thoda jyaada ho raha thatoh blew the whistle to release the steam.

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