This government is doing less than nothing!

Part two of the rant…

  1. Yup, reservations are good. And you know what, the reason for the excessive portrayal of anti-reservation fools in media was because of lack of representation of the backward castes in it. The solution – reservations in media! And while we are at it, also in the judiciary.
  2. And how dare the media make us look like fools? We are bringing forth a new bill which will teach them their place.
  3. Oh, and the industry is flourishing despite our best efforts, is it? Let the benefits percolate! Reservations in industry too!

How depressing!

The outcry over shortage of textbooks for the Maharashtra State Board syllabus has become an annual feature. Also on the calendar are TV ads for Navneet guides and whatnots. Sure I used them too, but I also had the textbooks. But now… this can’t be a co-incidence, hm? Is it just a well planned marketing blitz or something else?

1 thought on “This government is doing less than nothing!

  1. Amey Kulkarni

    You have rightly pointed out the basic flaw in governance, the “I am your mai-baap” attitude among those in power. Everywhere dal galti hai if you are somebody.
    Unless, things start moving on their own instead of after getting a push from mai-baap, we can’t expect any progress on any front in the country.
    On the positive side, things are moving eg I got my PAN card home delivered after applying online.

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