To MicroSCOft:

Yo momma, bring it on. I’m ready. We all are ready.

First this – Microsoft says open source violates 235 patents

Lots of action; I saw it through posts on Slashdot, including this – Sue me first, Microsoft

Finally this – Microsoft has said it has no immediate plans to sue after alleging patent infringements by open-source vendors.

And yes, that is MicroSCOft (got that from /. too)- it is time to stop pretending otherwise. It can also be MicroSHAFT – as in “You got shafted”!

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  1. Bhalchandra Bhat

    I hadnt read your reply about my article on ur website.
    I am really disappointed to see that you of all people couldnt say something to my face.

    Guess I skipped someone from my farewell list.
    Any farewell my friend, have a great life ahead

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