Atheist I Am!

The following came from What kind of atheist are you?

You scored as Spiritual Atheist. Ah! Some of the coolest people in the world are Spiritual Atheists. Most of them weren’t brought up in an organized religion and have very little baggage. They concentrate on making the world a better place and know that death is just another part of life. What comes after, comes after.

My percentages are as follows:

  1. Spiritual Atheist – 100%
  2. Agnostic – 92%
  3. Apathetic Atheist – 92%
  4. Scientific Atheist – 75%
  5. Theist – 50%
  6. Angry Atheist – 33%
  7. Militant Atheist – 0%

What shall we do without instant/pop quizzes?

3 thoughts on “Atheist I Am!

  1. Rohit

    I skip the “which character are you” type of quizzes. Ok, except for the “which book are you” quiz I took some months back. But well, these types – I love them! Mostly, because they tell me what I already know about myself. It is like re-affirming one’s self-belief.

    On a side note, I took another quiz (some Freudian or Jungian personality type quiz) and it told me my type was ISTP. When I read the page, I found myself saying, “That’s me, folks!”

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