HSBC sucks! Big time

The only reason I got this account because (apparently) its the only way my employer can pay me. Well, I got no problems with the salary account, but with the credit card account – like all true MNC banks, HSBC was eager to sell me a card.

Now, this card lay mostly unused (other than one transaction) till I decided to do some shopping on Amazon (that’s another story) this August. Ominous signs started appearing soon enough.

There was an amount “awaiting presentation” which I had no recollection of ever paying for using the card. I asked HSBC – it meant the merchant hadn’t “approached them”. Thanks – but there shouldn’t be a merchant waiting to approach them in the first place! It got solved within 3 emails.

Concurrently, I noticed the card account had disappeared from my online facilities (the much touted online@hsbc). That, too, got resolved around the same time.

Last Friday – 28th September – I discovered my card account had disappeared again. I emailed them yet again. HSBC responded that I “asked them to close the account on 24th September”. WHAT THE FUCK? First, I didn’t ask them to do it – so they are talking bull. Second, you believe they will lose a credit card customer without persuading me, asking me my reasons and confirming the request? I don’t. Third, how the fuck am I supposed to pay them the dues due this 4th October? With the account closed and off, away where dead accounts go; what should I write on the payment check??

Unless HSBC resolves things pretty quickly, the shits going to hit the fan.

5 thoughts on “HSBC sucks! Big time

  1. Varun

    Hmmm… HSBC has already pissed a lot of may relatives with their absurd charges and now another case here.

    Nice to hear from you. Will keep posting !

  2. Rohit

    There’s no worse private sector bank, eh?

    7 days after the initial 3 day period the call centre exec asked me to wait, the card wasn’t re-activated. I have been assured it will be done in 4 working days.

  3. Critiko

    I inquired about account opening requirements through their customer service hotline. When I asked them regarding cash withdrawal fees using their own ATM machines they said that it is free of charge and a 10 pesos will only be charged if you make cash withdrawal from other bank ATM. But in their online brochure version of account opening it was stated that 10 pesos is the charge for all withdrawal on classic account. And only power vantage account (which has an opening requirement of 100,000 pesos) that has free from withdrawal charges.

    Then, after few days I went to their office to open an account with my 2 VALID ID’s (one primary ID and one secondary ID). All of a sudden they refused to entertain my need for opening an account with them because I need to present a proof of billing like utility bills addressed to me. If I am just renting a place I need to secure a CERTIFICATION from my landlord with signature and attached photocopied ID with signature of the land lord.

    Why the f*ck they’re asking for the proof of billing? I am not borrowing money from them instead they are the one who will be using my money. It is just very inconvenient for depositors to do all these shits! Why are they imposing such kind of policy? Oh they are imposing those policies to make their profit secure that’s for sure. But in times of bankruptcy your money that has been in business with them are nothing. You cannot make them responsible.


  4. Dias

    Guys! Guess HOW HSBC or Chinese Pigs have found new ways to loot Indians?

    This fraud bank announced that their server went down in September and October, 2008 in India and under the veil of the announcement, they did not send any Credit card statement to many customers.

    Next they included Finance charges and Late fee charges for the month of November . They deliberately closed all their service phone lines till December, so that no one can complain. Customers tried writing letters to Mr. K.C Mahesh, but he was busy licking the Chinese bottom.

    HSBC raked in big money this way (multiplied by 15 Lakh customers) via the charges. The idea is to repeat such a occurrence again, tell customers that server is down and make money from slapping fines to uninformed victims.

    Remember these are troubled times and this Bank has taken a beating but is heavily supported by the Chinese government. Save your money folks! They are out to loot us. They looted me and threatened to spoil my ratings.

    This is how they want to make money in India! Chinese Pigs!

  5. SEAN

    I was lured to these guys with a cheap mrtgae rate..they have all my busssiness….they SUCK ASS on all levels…paying bills,screwing up deposits,phantom withdrawls from accounts, mystery decline of credit card….and most of all cutomer service….calling manila does not help me use my credit card at a resturant in Mississauga !!!!

    don’t use this bank or any of their products !!!

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