Able Administrator or Devious Dictator?

I’m back to thinking some more about the people I love to hate, despite the fact that some of my trusted colleagues and acquaintances come from them. Let’s see – I got two more pet peeves.

How was your Diwali? And the weeks leading up to Diwali itself? Mine was noisy and smoke-filled. Guess who did I have to thank for that? I did not see a single person – not one – who was not a member of this community bursting crackers and flares.

Another eccentricity of these people is their penchant for eating off food-carts. Every day I walk home from the train station, I pass a 500 metre stretch of S. V. Road taken over by food-carts and converted into a food court. I mean, WTF? If you love eating out, as in eating food that is not home-cooked, then go to a restaurant or a fast-food joint. There is no need to patronize the hawkers right out on the road, people!

Another thing that baffles me about Gujaratis is the almost fanatical trust they have placed in Modi. FOSS and GNU/Linux geeks are (traditionally) politically liberal – you wouldn’t expect one of us to support a guy like Modi. But apparently, I was wrong. Even my afore-mentioned colleagues are die-hard Modi supporters.

To be honest, before Godhra, the only black spot I had seen was his continued support to the Sardar Sarovar Project. Even that was not as much an issue against Modi as against the Gujarat government – all governments before him, irrespective of political hues, had supported the project. I remember a weekly news magazine had published a special report in January 2002 about how Modi was effectively bringing Gujarat back on its feet an year after the Bhuj earthquake. And I agreed – here was one superb administrator – it seemed as if he was trained by Kautilya himself.

Then dawned the 27th day of February, 2002. A crime was committed against humanity that day. Those who gave its victims the shroud of religious indignation also gave the criminals the armor of religious persecution. A crime for which retribution could have realized within the limits of law and order was turned over to the “public court”. And there lay Modi’s mistake.

Nobody wanted those savages to go free. Hindu, Muslim, atheist, secularist – everyone was rooting for vengeance. Kay said it best in Men in Black:

A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.

To this animal was handed the baton of justice, vengeance and vigilance. This animal was told of an enemy so potent he could strike even in the heart of the Hindu Desh. An enemy so dangerous he was omnipresent, yet invisible. An enemy where there was none; for criminals are an organic part of society. A cancerous tumor is not your enemy, but you don’t keep it in your body longer than necessary.

What happened in the next few months is not something Gujaratis should ever be proud of.

Modi has moved on. Gujarat has moved on. Except for the feeling of dreaded karma catching up in the future, there is not much left of those months when humanity deserted the land of many of its greatest sons. Even vigilantes keeping an eye on Modi have found nothing to fault him with. Vigilance is the price of freedom.

I think it is time we expect both sides of this conflict to forgive. Not forget; because if they forget, then history will repeat itself.

In the meanwhile, we all have a future to make.

6 thoughts on “Able Administrator or Devious Dictator?

  1. Haridas Dave

    A leader like Narendra Modi comes once in a lifetime, especially when leaders are more concerned with their own welfare rather than welfare of the state. In hindsight & in private, Modi may regret the horrors of the riots. But I think he has worked every bit to put the past behind him and show what a great leader he has been. I do not seek a referendum for Modi, I like many other gujaratis know that he has worked tremendously for the betterment of Gujarat. Psychologists say that if we say a positive thing every morning like “I am feeling good”, you actually start feeling good no matter what mood you are in. What I ask for is a simple thing, Just analyse all his speeches. In every speech he has said “I Love My Gujarat” “Jeetega Gujarat” “Main Gujarat ke pyaar mein hu” “Gujarat ki bhakti main leen ho gaya hu”. Not only the words “Love” “Gujarat” resonate in his mind but also in the minds of people who he comes in contact with. For a first time in a very long time, a leader has shown such pride in his homeland. I personally always believed (based on my past experience) that Gujarati’s are the laziest people to employ and the most hardworking people as entrepreneurs. But he has re instilled the pride in the working people. He has asked people to get up and work, work for the betterment of the State, betterment of the people and derive satisfaction from the good doing. Try going through all the five videos of the CNN-IBN meet, heres the link and you would know the resounding difference between Narendra Modi and the short sighted politicians.

  2. Amey A Kulkarni

    Modi started his innings with the Gujarat riots. He was condemned by one and all for failing to control the riots especially on the first 3 days.
    For me, it was a statement that he made. He showed to the world that Modi and BJP-RSS are made of iron. Talwar ke badle talwar. It is this courage of Modi that I and probably most of his supporters like. Bal Thackeray may make innumerable foolish political stunts, but when it comes to fearlessly putting forward and defending one’s stand, there is nobody more courageous than him. He is the only politician to have made taken a stance against reservations for OBCs. He understand’s what can be the consequence of such policies. It has been aptly illustrated on 23rd Decemeber, when the Maratha community demanded OBS status.

  3. Rohit

    @Haridas, when he said “Gujarat ki bhakti main leen ho gaya hu”, did he include everyone in that Gujarat?

    But enough of that – wounds have to be dried and healed. There is no use peeling off the scabs and bleeding them again. If the minority doesn’t respond to your offer of reconciliation, it will always be on record who blinked first.

    Lets hope for a better future – for all of us.

    @Amey, just when I said the above, comes a rhetoric spewing, money-backed brat who enjoys all the immoral trends of the decadent west and yet, claims to be a follower of Ram; who has never seen a real trial of faith in his life. All talk, never had to walk; because you were born with car keys in your hand. It is fools like you who twist everything into a religious angle. For you, it is a game.

    It is time to end this shit. Fine – people fucked up, shit happened. Both sides paid a price. So can we end the game and get on with life?

    Don’t talk shit like “talwar ke badle talwar” – you are biggest coward around – sure you enter dangerous situations fearlessly, but you are responsible for creating them in the first place.And then its less of your courage and more because of your cheating, sniveling, sycophantic dialogs that you save your skin. In the Kingdom, you would be singing praises to Allah; in the Vatican, to Jesus and God.

    Its people like you who are fucking up the future. Here’s a tip – think about when you are going to get laid. Leave the serious stuff to people like Dave. I trust them more.

  4. Varun

    I am not against Modi, but even if we keep aside all the development activity of the state aside, I don’t think Congress or any one else for that matter have a leader among them. The main reason , as rightly pointed out by one and all, was because congress lacked a face in the state.

    Ghodra is over. Done and dusted. I personally feel that 2002 was 5 years ago and by raising the riots issue again and again, Modi’s opposition showed that they had absolutely no gameplan to bring down Modi.

    Votes are won by development and Modi rightly deserves another term.

    And yes, just to add , most Gujju girls are drop dead gorgeous. Right below the Muslim girls on that list ! 😉

    Do you agree Bhute ??

  5. Vidyadhar

    First of all a big Namaste and Ciao to all of you!
    Regarding Modi, I like him just for one reason and that is his passion towards developement and administration.
    And regarding as bhute saiid about him being a dictator, then let me clarify I support the dictatorship of an able man than the democracy of crippled animals ####ing up poor lambs. World has seen it, Hitler before losing his way did so much for Germany. Its not always the case I agree, but in modi’s case it is the truth that he has done extremely well in keeping hungry animals away from CHARA. Thats why all these rebels are born in Guj BJP, they didnt get anything to eat so they started criticising Modi.
    Modi being Single doesnt want anything for himself. And that makes him the perfect administrator(as I was during my tenure as GS…Wink!)
    Jokes Apart.
    But Amey’s point of Talwar ke Badle Talwar does make sense sometimes but you know You cannot separate out innocents when you get on the roads seeking revenge. As a saying goes in Marathi…Sukyabarobar Ola suddha jalata!
    Its fine I mean everyone should move on…..
    and about Varun Dude, Yeah some Guj Girls are Gorgeous, but hey dun ever try to get them in line with Muslim Girls, Muslim Girls are my Weak Point.
    Anyway, Dave dude, will mail you soon.

    And hey do read my blog sometimes dudes…..and yeah do comment…
    Sorry Bhute for using this space for advertisement.

    Ciao al tutti!

  6. Rohit

    @Bhise, civilizations are marked by their treatment of the weak and innocent. The reason why the Roman and Grecian empires (or religions) decayed away while Hinduism is still vibrant lies in this mark – we have always protected the weak, the innocent. That is where the mahanta of a culture lies.

    @Varun, I have yet to see a gorgeous Gujju girl who can convince me her upstairs apartment is occupied.

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