Not all nightmares contain terror. Not all contain horror. Blood or demons.

Sometimes, you have the option of doing something. Of not doing something. Of walking down a different path. Of walking away from something you know you will regret later on. You have the choice of not hurting people you love; of redeeming their trust. Or otherwise.

In a nightmare, you watch yourself taking all the wrong turns, selecting all the wrong options. You see someone who is less than what you want to be.

In such a nightmare, despair takes root in you. It runs after your breath, holds your heart.

And after such a nightmare, you don’t – can’t – go back to sleep.

1 thought on “nightmares

  1. Vidyadhar

    I dont believe you had such a nightmare. Because, even the most optimistic of us-you- face this then i can’t imagine my nightmare.
    Anyway, I know you will overcome it and life will Rock once again.


    Keep posting!

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