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I was pleasantly surprised when Amey took a pro-active step involving Linux. He configured GnuCash to track his investments. Not track as quite a lot of people do – using spreadsheets, but actual real-time tracking with updates of his stock prices at COB. This is as much a victory for open source software as for Indian markets. He has taken that small but significant step into a big world of IT enabled services. If only more people took that step.

After much scolding and persuading by a lot of people, I have enrolled into a Systematic Investment Plan. And there was no doubt I would be using GC to track all that stuff. In the GC options, was a name – AMFI. AMFI is an umbrella association for Mutual Funds in India. The reason it popped up in GC is it provides stocks related feeds which are used for real-time tracking.

As soon as I had my investment details, I followed Amey’s tips and set up my GC account to track my funds. Along the way, I had use a handy GC to QIF converter. Why? I was maintaining yearly accounts with seperate files for each year. Amey told me It would be a bear to track investments across seperate files, and I agreed. GC has no way to merge two account files but it can import two QIF files; hence the converter.

All in all, I stumbled a few times – I’m no guru at financial stuff. With GC and a few knowledgeable friends, I plan to make the journey a bit safer.

3 thoughts on “tracking investments with gnucash

  1. Amey

    Thats a good idea with importing two or more QIF files.

    I guess you can delete your income and expense accounts and covert them into a single entry, but keep up with the entries in the assets and investments accounts. This way, no big files and I can still track my return on assets.

  2. Rohit

    The documentation does mention this – rolling up your yearly stuff and slotting it into an equity account similar to the opening balances account. Not going to try it right now. I’m a programmer, not an accountant.

  3. Vidyadhar

    dudes o dudes!
    yesterday I read about the Spark’2008 in maharashtra online edition and all the college days became as vivid as a feature film in front of my eyes. and now I see two of you discussing accounting online and am left speechless at the progress our lives have made in last few years.
    Everyone of us has moved on, but am stuck. I sort of dont want to move on. I try to live in those old days, but no one else wants to. and suddenly everybody seems miles away. The college time feuds we had contained no meaning and we would forget it in a flash and now everything has become meaningful. Seems strange. every meaningless thing seems to have got a meaning and every meaningful thing has become meaningless.
    Yeah, I am tired of thinking and I just dont want to move on.

    Sorry Bhute, I have written quite and irrelevent reply, you can delete if you want.

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