The best version of Ubuntu ever is coming out; right on schedule on 24th April.

This time around, I ‘m in two minds – go for GNOME or go for KDE, specifically, KDE 4.  The facts that KDE 4  is still  not complete and that the only clean way to go from GNOME to KDE is to reformat are keeping me in the GNOME camp for now. No time to experiment. No time to backup data and restore.

An OS upgrade is also the time when I take a good, hard look at my machine and decide on any upgrades to the hardware. I have added a 250 GB SATA hard disk (Western Digital) and a new keyboard to my machine in honor of the Hardy Heron. I had other reasons too – I sorely needed the storage space. As for the keyboard, the one connected to my dad’s machine was getting clunky. You would have to apply about as much force as you would put on a circuit breaker to switch it on. It took the fun out of using the PC. So my comfy Logitech keyboard goes to my dad, while I got a Samsung Pleomax. While it doesn’t have the brand, it had a compact form factor and smooth, consistent tactile feedback.

The third thing I bought – a USB Bluetooth dongle – was a stillborn. It didn’t even get detected. A pity, really. The stores offer you no other brand than the el cheapo Chinese one. This was my second attempt, incidentally, to get a useful Bluetooth experience. The first dongle petered out in a couple of weeks… So now, I ‘m a huge fan of the USB cable. It just works!

In other news, I tried Wammu to backup my SE z550i. It did read the contacts and messages correctly, but was not able to restore the messages from backups (I did not attempt the contacts). I filed a bug – it seems to be a copy of an existing one. Let’s see if I can ever get my messages back on to the phone.

My lean and mean rig is still incomplete. Yes, one year after I paid money for it and got it delivered, I still haven’t received the NVIDIA GeForce 7100 graphics card. It went kaput one week after delivery and has been in “repair” ever since. I have given up hope of ever seeing it again. To add insult to injury, the computer guy (who has also failed to return my original DVD of Gladiator – see a pattern here?) calls me frequently for “Linux advice”. Call me a sucker for … whatever; but the times I have asked him about it, I was promised it would be delivered in a week. Lesson has been learnt.

This new Samsung keyboard has a few buttons I need to explore – power, sleep, wake, turbo and the Win keys. I should be able to map them to do something useful.