Wishlist for Ubuntu 8.04

No software is perfect, not even Linux. For Ubuntu 8.04 coming out tomorrow, here are a few eccentricities I hope will disappear.

  • The desktop doesn’t arrange the icons in a grid – at least, not as well as Windows does it. The current ‘grid’ looks like it was laid out by a toddler; its that loose. And while the devs are at it, can they do something about the overlapping text for adjacent icons?
  • Whenever I edit a file on the Desktop, its icon moves to the upper left corner on its own. What gives?
  • The balloon popup with the update notification icon is nice, but maybe it should be pointing at the orange update icon, not at some other icon in the notification area.
  • I use an ADSL net connection and run Apache on localhost. Now get this: in Firefox, without an active ADSL net connection, I can’t visit localhost. The page times out! The Apache access log shows no request made to apache to serve a page. It works in Epiphany without any problems!
  • When playing a video file, the video stream goes kaput. Reopening the video (in any player) doesn’t help; I still get the weird pink snowing static. Restarting X server solves the problem. To be fair, this has occurred exactly two times in two years.

Now you may ask (with justification) why I haven’t filed bug reports. None of the above are predictable or reproducible, as far as I know. The last one has occurred just two times in two years – if I were the developer, I would shrug it off. For the rest, I’m pretty sure I’m missing some config setting somewhere.

Be ready to open up your torrents.