I'm hungry

This is just peachy. The world thinks the current food crisis is caused by the US and EU diverting arable resources towards biofuels. But the US President and Secretary of State are blaming China and India for being a more serious contributor to the crisis! And they are not alone.

Guess what? Are you a Chinese or an Indian trying to get “better nutrition”? Oh no, you don’t! Not until the “humans” in US and EU have had their fill of the best nutrition and step out smugly to drive around in their SUVs fueled by non-polluting biofuels.

This is more than a little stupid on part of the current US Adminstration. We, Indians (and the Chinese too) deserve to eat as well as they do. Besides, its our produce. We have first claim to it.

What are they thinking?

6 thoughts on “I'm hungry

  1. Varun

    I completely agree.. was just reading in today’s papers that US consumes 5 times more than we Indian’s do !

  2. Rohit Post author

    Not only do they eat more than us (in per person, per capita or whatever is the correct term), but the cost is more too. Think of all the processed food, frozen food, canned or packaged food and the ubiquitous “add water and microwave for 2 minutes” food that make up a staple US diet.

    Contrast it with any staple Indian or Chinese diet.

  3. Aditya

    Well, this new discovery by George Bush and “Condi” Rice just confirms that average senator and congressman in US don’t have knowledge of outside world or they just want to blame all world for their downfall…..

  4. Rohit Post author

    Neither Bush nor Rice is either a senator or a congressman (or congresswoman). The American president is not a member of the legislature like our Prime Minister or President. And Rice is Secretary of State. That is a presidential appointment confirmed by the Congress and Senate.

    Anyways, senators and congressmen have to look after their own constituencies – I doubt world affairs would be high on their list.

  5. Vidyadhar

    Bhute bhai,

    I agree with you. But we have to look at this issue from US’ perspective too. Its not their fault that they are blaming it on us, cause they just cannot accept that somebody else is improving their lifestyles and living standards and causing in turn a downfall of the great United States.
    But further I would like to add that China in spite of being a promising economy is a huge threat to world environment. Because at the rate at which they are building power plants and airports they are disrupting the entire natural cycle.
    Although my knowledge about this environmental issue is not much, I certainly wanted to be writing about it.

    Nice to see you blogging frequently dude.

  6. Rohit Post author

    That “threat” has to be seen in per-capita terms. For China and India, per capita contribution to pollution and waste generation is still orders of magnitude less than for the US-EU. The fact remains that the US-EU (and Japan) remain the largest polluters.

    Expecting China and India to scale down their resource consumption and to reduce their pollution levels to the level of other countries while ignoring the population factor is just asking them to revert to the pre-industrial ages while the others merrily move on to the future. That way lies the creation of a new elite – whose carbon credits are provided by us in India and China.

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