hardware – gutted!

The d@#$ graphics card gave out two days ago!!!

My current machine seems to be worst I have ever bought, at least as far as the reliability of its peripherals and the computer guy is concerned. To be fair, the rest of it is fighting fit. But I have blown out at least one USB port by using it to power a USB light. And in the 14 months I have owned the graphics card, I have used it for a grand total of barely one month.

An unused LAN card followed the dead graphics card out of the box. Since I was in the mood, I did a quick inventory of the useless or extra hardware I have stockpiled:

  • Two keyboards – Intex, Logitech
  • Mouse – iBall
  • Asus LAN card
  • Taiwanese Bluetooth dongle
  • USB light
  • NVIDIA GeForce 7100 with 128 MB RAM

Except for the BT dongle and the NVIDIA card, the rest all work, or are salvageable in an emergency 🙂 .