ODF +1

A certain banking and finance institution whose name begins and end with i and which also has i as the middle letter in its name seems to have adopted the OpenDocument Format for its documentation needs.

Over the past several weeks, I have been called in to help out with the mysterious ODS files that executives and officers from this company keep mailing in to people in my company and its sister concern – AKA the data analytix department. ODS is nothing but OpenDoc Spreadsheet.

You possibly cannot fathom the thoughts running through my head as I calmly changed the file extension from ODS to ZIP and extracted the archive.

There’s your data in those XML files. Get a Perl script to read them and pump it into an Excel file.

Those were my exact words. But then, I’m the best in Perl they have; rather, the only Perl coder they have. And I am not inclined to look up the Excel modules on CPAN and hammer out a script. In the end, I dragged them screaming and kicking to using OpenOffice.org. But those ingrates use it only for its “Save As …” function!

Its still a beginning…