stats time!

I was going through the WordPress back-end and looked into the comments table. Some statistics…

The top three comment authors are Thite, Varun and Bhise from rank 1 downwards.

I would say there are five regular readers, the rest all are drifters.

I have 23 distinct email IDs (come on people, I don’t spam, so use one ID) in the comment author email IDs list – two users, Bhise and Amey, have used four email IDs each.

There are 32 distinct author names – Amey has used five names!

Thats pretty much all, folks.

3 thoughts on “stats time!

  1. Haridas Dave

    Well, you are right, i m more of a drifter, the reason being I dun get the updated tag along your name, and another i dun comment becoz some of the posts are too tech oriented, so dun have much to say …

  2. Rohit Post author

    Dave, you might not believe this but you are the fifth in the five regulars; that must say a lot about the first!

    As for the technicality aspect, I write about technology from a common person’s perspective. Even so, I guess you wouldn’t have much to say about IT-related stuff. Now, if I wrote about how a faulty distribution transformer caused the appliances in my house to self-destruct, I’m sure you could say a lot 🙂 .

  3. Varun

    Nice to note I am 2nd. But, yes, I also do comment only on the general topics, inspite of being in the IT industry !!

    That does tell something about my TECH-Q,doesn’t it ?

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