talk of being fooled and enlightened

The monsoon made a fool out of me yesterday.

When the train started limping from Andheri and halted for a frustrating fifteen minutes just before Bandra, I thought “What the hell!” and returned home. A colleague of mine who was in the same train persisted; and reached office (just 45 minutes late) at 9:45 AM. For that much inconvenience, said colleague (along with those few stubborn individuals who made it to office against all odds) enjoyed a day when few wanted to do any work.

And then, it stopped raining at 10:30 AM and I felt like a fool sitting at home.

Meanwhile, the people who showed up felt good about showing up, had a good time in a fairly vacant office and went home with all the leisure at their command. The roads were empty of traffic and the trains, of commuters.

In other news, the iPhone bubble has burst.

Both Bharti and Vodafone have clarified that they will offer the iPhone at Rs. 21,000 – not 8,000. Their reasoning is simple – AT&T charges 25 cents a minute for talktime, while they charge 2 cents. Against such a disadvantage, they cannot afford to subsidise the iPhone like AT&T.

So if the iPhone goes back to being a status icon and a rich man’s toy, what’s left? The FreeRunner! IDA Systems offers it for Rs. 20,000 all inclusive. It is not Apple. It doesn’t look slim and trendy. But then, if you buy the Neo FreeRunner, its not for status or looks. It is for freedom. For choice.

The FreeRunner or one of its successors is my next phone.

2 thoughts on “talk of being fooled and enlightened

  1. Haridas Dave

    Hmm, I saw the iphone with my friend, I think its a cool toy, but already shelled out a astounding Rs. 25,000 for N95 last year, and dun want to look like a fool repeating his mistakes year after year. But I told my mum, i would like to gift her the Iphone, lets see if i can my promise !!

  2. Rohit Post author

    Just like our limited career and education options, Indians think phones come in two brands – Nokia and non-Nokia. LG, Samsung and other companies (including SE and Motorola) are putting out absolute stunners. Its just that the Indian consumer is fixated on BRAND.

    Unless you are an absolute Apple fanatic, I would push you towards HTC. I loved their models! Except for the fact that they run Windows Mobile on their phones… But that should not matter for your mother as an end user.

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