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UK’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has accused India, among others, of holding the climate talks to ransom. I call that bullshit. This is a rant, you have been alerted. I don’t have exact numbers, but whatever I say here is correct, in that it is the truth.

  1. The developed world abused the environment for their progress in the last two centuries.
  2. The developed world is continuing to abuse the environment to maintain their standard of living.
  3. The developed world fobs off their toxic waste disposal on to third world and developing countries to protect their “local” environment and standard of living.
  4. Standard of living and economic progress are proportional to emissions.
  5. Per capita emissions of developing countries is orders of magnitude lesser than those of developed countries.
  6. In spite of the drum beating going on, developed countries have increased their emissions. Forget keeping them constant or reducing them.
  7. If developing countries accept emission cuts now, they will never be able to sustain their economic progress or raise their standards of living.
  8. Developed countries are not ready to provide subsidised environment-friendly technology; rather they are treating this as another cash cow.

In  short,

  1. Developed countries should accept stricter per capita cuts in emission than developing countries. Call this their debt to the world.
  2. If we accept the current climate treaty, specially with the “legally binding” and “subject to verification” clauses, we are, in effect, enslaving ourselves to the developed world.

6 thoughts on “climate talks

  1. Vidyadhar

    Couldn’t agree more on this. The climate talks were going to fail from the moment they were planned. If no one cared for Kyoto, who would care for Copenhagen.

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  3. bhupendra

    “somethings” are inevitable, we have to work towards greater cause irrespective of what has happened and what others are doing.

    Legal/Illegal doesn’t matter we need to do right thing.

    (PS:it applied to both developed and developing countries)

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