Grid-lock on the JVLR

I shot out of the office a little later than usual today, but still anticipating relaxed rush hour traffic on way home. Instead, I was brought to a screeching halt on the flyover bypassing SEEPZ.

Extent of grid-locked traffic at 6PM

Extent of grid-locked traffic at 6PM

From the SEEPZ flyover, I could see a river of vehicles going towards WEH jammed on the JVLR. This continued till the Sham Nagar junction 2.3 Km ahead. The reason was a chicane set up by police just ahead of Sham Nagar junction. There was a bus blocking a lane and a couple of cars and bikes, probably intercepted by traffic police. May be some incident occurred because the police were more alert than for a routine traffic check-point.

Somebody could have thought of diverting traffic. Exiting JVLR, I could have taken the Aarey Colony road via MIDC and Marol Maroshi Road. Or even earlier – I could have turned right at L&T itself.

Whatever. I spent some quality time sweating in the sun next to cantankerous AC buses.