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New host!

If you are a discerning reader of my posts, you would have noticed a very “disturbing” change on my blog. I have put a link in my footer that I didn’t need to, and which almost smacks of affiliate marketing. Worry not, my gentle reader. It is just that I am that excited about the move to Leanservers.

One reason is that I was becoming wary of the unlimited resources that A2 hosting was promising to everybody. Who are they fooling?

Most importantly, I wanted to move to a host that provided Nginx (say it with me – Engine X; N – gin – X). There is a small trickle of knowledge that has burst above ground recently – unless you are a big IT setup running enterprise applications on big iron IBM servers, Nginx serves your needs quite well.

Apache‘s HTTPD is a great server in its own right. I cut my teeth on it when learning web development. But over the years, Apache has become for Linux what IIS has become for Windows. Web servers like Nginx and Lighttpd are providing a welcome challenge to this unintended lock-in. The tag-along benefits are also welcome – better performance on virtual machines, easier configuration, cleaner config files and faster releases.

However, Nginx does not offer per directory configuration like Apache. Quite a few apps need Apache’s .htaccess file to reach 100% functionality. Some are implemented, inadvertently, to run only on Apache. I suppose this happens because the developer was trying to offer an ability to simply extract and run – think of WordPress’s famous five-minute install. Nginx’s increasing popularity is now changing the way web developers write their apps.

That being said, there are very few hosting providers for Nginx. This is, in part, due to its configuration limitations and maybe because most Nginx users are good enough at their job to put it on a VPS. I did not want the hassle of a VPS for my personal blogs – that would be repeating earlier mistakes.

Leanservers came to the rescue! No promise of unlimited resources (just like a proper VPS provider) and reasonable rates. I was a sceptic initially, but the guys at Leanservers (a huge shout out to Mr Unai Rodriguez) patiently answered my queries – yes, I can use Nginx the way I wanted to on a shared host. There were a few hiccups, but I have moved both blogs to Leanservers.

I am getting good scores on Y Slow and Pagespeed. The site is responsive. I unleashed Xenu’s Link Sleuth on Walk Alone and it performed at least 50% better than when A2 was hosting it. Of course, this is the honeymoon and things can go haywire later on. But I am hopeful. And did I say, excited?


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battle report

What can I say? I’ve been allowed to continue as HoTT – TT is Tech Team, go figure out the rest. I suppose I must bow down and say “Thanks. Thanks.. O Ye wizards from the comp/it/etrx streams for letting a student from Electrical Engineering become HoTT”. In the bargain, nearly half the team is made up of IT wizards because that stream sacrificed a HoTT slot. Phew! No wonder we stay tuned during elections.

The comp/it/etrx (cie for short) people believe the TT belongs to them. Why? Because they use Flash. And maybe some programming and scripting. They use lpt interface programing. They handle lots of PCs and peripherals. And that’s all.

To tell you what I feel – THIS SUCKS. Period. In these times, to use those points as a criteria for exclusive ownership over the TT is anachronistic. These people have an over-inflated opinion of themselves. They forget that they got equal competitors churned out by the thousands from various B.Sc. IT courses, NIIT, Aptech and lots of similar institutes. Frankly, a formal degree in cie has lost its relevance in these times. Rank amatuers can beat these comp/etrx guys at their jobs – such are these fields. As for IT, please show me where these people work. They are simply taking away programming and system admin jobs. I, an amatuer who looks on Linux and related stuff as a hobby, could study 4 books on say, Linux Administration, Apache, MySQL and Perl – and beat a BE Comps/IT student hands-down at server design and admin anytime. (ok don’t sweat – I don’t have the time or inclination). These people can’t appreciate the fact that someone outside their direct discipline can do things as good as them or (again, don’t sweat) better.

Visit Joe’s blog on his site. He has a post on the irrelevance of Comp Science Engineering. Read it.

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