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Google Chrome

IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Now, Chrome.

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Google itself has a very interesting “handout” on Chrome. Please read it – its very interesting and informative, even for non-techies.

In brief, Chrome uses Webkit for rendering, has the new V8 JavaScript engine, uses the interesting idea of isolating user activities into separate processes and sandboxes, among others. Plus a few other innovative UI tricks that have caught my eye – like its default home page, which shows the nine most popular websites (based on your browsing history) in a 3×3 thumbnail format.

A few questions:

  • When will I get plugins like NoScript, Ad-Block Plus, Web Developer toolbar and Firebug?
  • (Not that this is likely since it uses WebKit) Will I have to check webpages (for layout and JS) on a FIFTH browser?
  • Google is betting its all on web apps. Will Chrome somehow be preferential to JS frameworks used by Google applications, to the detriment of others?

Google does have its job cut out. That the worst browser of the current lot has 80% of the market share shows how difficult it is to take on an entrenched segment leader.

If anyone could do it, I ‘d say it would be Google.

I would most likely have to wait and see when it comes into my Ubuntu repository. Or may be I’ll try plopping it into /opt.

Thite has already tried it out!