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battle report

What can I say? I’ve been allowed to continue as HoTT – TT is Tech Team, go figure out the rest. I suppose I must bow down and say “Thanks. Thanks.. O Ye wizards from the comp/it/etrx streams for letting a student from Electrical Engineering become HoTT”. In the bargain, nearly half the team is made up of IT wizards because that stream sacrificed a HoTT slot. Phew! No wonder we stay tuned during elections.

The comp/it/etrx (cie for short) people believe the TT belongs to them. Why? Because they use Flash. And maybe some programming and scripting. They use lpt interface programing. They handle lots of PCs and peripherals. And that’s all.

To tell you what I feel – THIS SUCKS. Period. In these times, to use those points as a criteria for exclusive ownership over the TT is anachronistic. These people have an over-inflated opinion of themselves. They forget that they got equal competitors churned out by the thousands from various B.Sc. IT courses, NIIT, Aptech and lots of similar institutes. Frankly, a formal degree in cie has lost its relevance in these times. Rank amatuers can beat these comp/etrx guys at their jobs – such are these fields. As for IT, please show me where these people work. They are simply taking away programming and system admin jobs. I, an amatuer who looks on Linux and related stuff as a hobby, could study 4 books on say, Linux Administration, Apache, MySQL and Perl – and beat a BE Comps/IT student hands-down at server design and admin anytime. (ok don’t sweat – I don’t have the time or inclination). These people can’t appreciate the fact that someone outside their direct discipline can do things as good as them or (again, don’t sweat) better.

Visit Joe’s blog on his site. He has a post on the irrelevance of Comp Science Engineering. Read it.

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the quiet moment before the battle cry…

Its come down to this – tomorrow is the day when the different posts are going to be “officially” alloted. It’s a battle all right. The spoils will go to the victors. The contestants have returned home – to be ready with their body and soul for the battle the next day…

Bookmark this page for the results of the battle. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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end of the week

Finally got time to write something. And its an explanation for why I didn’t write sooner. My schedule in this week was… get up as early as possible… get to college… do some or no work there… stay there as long as possible… hence come home as late as possible… early dinner… check mails… chat with friends… remember that you have to go to college early tomorrow… go to sleep. (full stop)

This is a vacation. Wonder how it will be when college starts.

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