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cause and effect

This is not good news on a festive day.

The story, as I can see, is:

Rahul Raj came to Mumbai from Patna on 24th October, for a job interview. On 27th October, he took a BEST bus hostage. He asked for (among other things) a cell phone, saying he wanted to relay a message to Raj Thackeray. The police arrived on scene and asked him to surrender. He open fire, injuring one passenger. The police retaliated, hitting him in the chest and head, which proved to be fatal.

The media, being what it is, is having a field day. The most amusing display was put on by Star – Star News took a pro-victim stance while Star Mazha took a pro-police stance. Incredible.

Most of the news channels were fed by Nitish Kumar, Bihar’s Chief Minister.

Mumbai Police shot at a chicken with a cannon ball.

Excuse them, Mr. Kumar. The chicken had a gun and more than twenty hostages. Nitish Kumar has no right to judge the actions of Mumbai Police based on highly selective TV footage. Instead, he should be focussing on controlling the anti-Raj riots that are, ironically, damaging Bihari property in Bihar.  Oh, and also ceate jobs there, so that the youth of Bihar don’t have to come to Mumbai.

Yes, it is a free country. We can go anywhere we want. But, what part of “THERE IS NO SPACE LEFT IN MUMBAI FOR A LIVING A LIFE OF GOOD QUALITY”, do you people don’t understand?

Another thing, Mr. Chief Minister. It is well and good that you are asking the DGP of Police, Bihar, to get “information” from his Maharashtra counterpart. How about you do that each time a Bihari breaks the law in Mumbai, eludes arrest and flees to his “hometown”.

Rahul’s relatives, predictably, are claiming he is innocent, has been misled, etc. etc. Please spare us. Gentlemen, we have live footage of the act. No matter how he was till yesterday, as of today, Rahul was capable of hijacking a bus. And yes, it can be done without the support of a “large group” and without a “lot of planning”.

Mumbai Police have taken a beating, for all their efforts. Except Star Mazha, all other channels are parroting Nitish Kumar’s line of excessive force. The other day, Vidyadhar was seemingly amused when I bemoaned the absence of forces like SWAT and FBI in India.

A well-aimed shot by a sniper could have disarmed Rahul. A well-trained riot control officer could have shot a tear-gas canister into the bus and a team of officers in gas-masks could have easily over-powered Rahul. A three step plan. But we just don’t think like that, do we? Our police still carry .303 rifles and sten guns.

So who is responsible for this event? What was the most immediate provocation ?

We all know, don’t we?

Who’s turn is it to react? Whose life will be lost next?