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Climate change burden on Asia Pacific

It is a repeat of the idea I had protested against in an earlier post. A UNDP report puts the onus of protecting the climate squarely on Asian countries.

countries will need to change the way they manufacture goods, raise crops and livestock and generate energy

We can’t. Not unless the developed countries remove the cost burden on installation and maintenance of “green” technologies. Their complaint is that developing these technologies has taken time and money. Money which they have to recoup for further development. In that case, we should continue as we best can.

The developed countries can’t hold the developing countries hostage to climate change. We have an equal right to progress and prosperity. Let the developed nations show commitment first to reversing the damage they have done.

Update, May 15, 2012 : And the pressure is on. The EU is trying to make developing countries equally accountable for climate change prevention despite the fact that it the developed nations who have caused the most damage.

Indian negotiators pointed out that EU’s demand would leave the question of existing commitments by the rich world on finance and technology transfer as well as emission reduction in limbo, forcing the world to dump the idea of equity and move to a new regime that would apportion greater and costly responsibilities on the bigger developing economies.

Emphasis mine. Just two demands:

  1. Climate change liability must take into account the population and quality of life in that country. There has to be equality in the per head emissions reduction target. This target must not slow the desired improvement in quality of life.
  2. Developed countries should start technology transfer for ecologically sustainable green technologies; without profiteering.


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climate talks

UK’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has accused India, among others, of holding the climate talks to ransom. I call that bullshit. This is a rant, you have been alerted. I don’t have exact numbers, but whatever I say here is correct, in that it is the truth.

  1. The developed world abused the environment for their progress in the last two centuries.
  2. The developed world is continuing to abuse the environment to maintain their standard of living.
  3. The developed world fobs off their toxic waste disposal on to third world and developing countries to protect their “local” environment and standard of living.
  4. Standard of living and economic progress are proportional to emissions.
  5. Per capita emissions of developing countries is orders of magnitude lesser than those of developed countries.
  6. In spite of the drum beating going on, developed countries have increased their emissions. Forget keeping them constant or reducing them.
  7. If developing countries accept emission cuts now, they will never be able to sustain their economic progress or raise their standards of living.
  8. Developed countries are not ready to provide subsidised environment-friendly technology; rather they are treating this as another cash cow.

In  short,

  1. Developed countries should accept stricter per capita cuts in emission than developing countries. Call this their debt to the world.
  2. If we accept the current climate treaty, specially with the “legally binding” and “subject to verification” clauses, we are, in effect, enslaving ourselves to the developed world.