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baazee ceo taken down!

That’s it. I’m now really desperate to delete my baazee account. Its one of the piling up accounts. Besides I’ve never really used it – just logged in and logged out.

But seriously, arresting the CEO is a bit na├»ve. Its like arresting the CEO of BSNL/MTNL for the existence of *ahem* certain ‘call this number’ services, only that those particular persons are better connected and know about government machinery. Poor baazee CEO.

If he gets out of this unscathed, I’m sure he will personally check every posting on baazee before letting it go online.

statcounter update : visits to my blog indicate Firefox and MSIE in a neck to neck race and Linux is a major 2nd OS to w32.

update :
Ok, so Condiment Rice and the US government seems to be interested in the baazee guy’s fate. (HMMMMMM..) Well, momma eBay won’t be happy if baazee gets hurt. It figures.

But, I still want my baazee account canceled.

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