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Fraudulent Site Alert

Got a mail from rzmails@indiatimes.com to apply at…


Now, I don’t want to drive traffic to this site but, Google, you are supposed to be better than this! I know its not anything affiliated with Google, but why is it online at all? Drive it off!

Domain Name: googlehire.com
Creation Date: 2007-10-08
Registration Date: 2007-10-08
Expiry Date: 2009-10-08
Organisation Name: D K SHARMA
Organisation Address: NOIDA
Organisation Address: NOIDA
Organisation Address: NOIDA
Organisation Address: 201301
Organisation Address: UP
Organisation Address. INDIA

rzmails, rot in the deepest levels of spam hell!

Class 1 Spam Alert – Shelfari

Shelfari is the hottest thing in my peer group right now. And I’m not impressed.

Okay, all right – I’m as much a book-lover (perhaps more so, as Amey may know) as the guy next to you. Sure, I like the idea of sharing book-lists and collating them to find the most popular books at the moment. In fact, there’s a still-born book-list on this site too. What I don’t like about Shelfari (and which will be the reason for me not joining it) is the way they are getting new users.

By sending spam.

Just a friendly reminder that I invited you to Shelfari. Come see the books I love and see if we have any in common. Then pick my next book so I can keep on reading.

Click below to join my group of friends on Shelfari!



Shelfari is a free site that lets you share book ratings and reviews with friends and meet people who have similar tastes in books. It also lets you build an online bookshelf, join book clubs, and get good book recommendations from friends. You should check it out.

You have received this email because amey153 (amey153@*****.***) directly invited you to join his/her community on Shelfari.

It is against Shelfari’s policies to invite people who you don’t know directly. Follow this link to prevent future invitations to this address. If you believe you do not know this person, you may view his/her Shelfari page or report him/her in our feedback section.

Shelfari, 616 1st Ave #300, Seattle, WA 98104

No. Amey did not invite me. What he did was simply import his Yahoo contact book (which had my email address) into Shelfari’s email address database. Shelfari was very helpful – all he had to do was submit his Yahoo username and password. And an automated email is sent from invitations@shelfari.com.

From Shelfari’s blog at http://shelfari.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/07/growth-and-grow.html

thousands of people started importing their contact lists to find friends on Shelfari and invite them

From Shelfari’s FAQ at http://www.shelfari.com/faq.aspx, answer to question 19 – How do invite a large number or friends at one time?[sic]

You can import your email contacts from gmail, yahoo mail, or hotmail, or you can copy-and-paste a large group of contacts

Who’s going to copy-paste if you can import all your contacts directly by submitting your login credentials? Geez, its just an email account. Forget about security and shit like that.

Does it remind anyone of Meebo? I thought the first rule of the Net was to never reveal your password to a third party, even if it is backed by mega-corps. Even if (according to the footer on Meebo’s site)

Passwords encrypted with 1024-bit RSA keys

Also from Shelfari’s FAQ, answer to question 23 – How can I stop receiving Shelfari invitations?

To stop receiving invitations, go to http://www.shelfari.com/actions/emailoptout.aspx and enter you email address.

That’s right, confirm that the email address is active and has a human respondent.

Even if Shelfari is ethical enough not to give away that email database for commercial (*cough cough*) gains, who’s to say, it won’t be compromised?

So, I have got that off my chest. Spam alert, guys!

Second, you are sending invites. Be a bit more personal; look like you mean it. Automatically firing off invites to your entire contact book? That sounds like a chore best handed off to a script (along with your login and password, of course). If you were really interested in this whole “share the book-lists” hoopla, you would have sent invites only to those of your contacts whom you know are avid book readers. In fact, I would have visited Shelfari more enthusiastically if I had received word-of-mouth publicity.

And lastly, no matter how many times shit happens, people don’t learn. Have fun creating new passwords for your GMail, Yahoo and other accounts.

Atheist I Am!

The following came from What kind of atheist are you?

You scored as Spiritual Atheist. Ah! Some of the coolest people in the world are Spiritual Atheists. Most of them weren’t brought up in an organized religion and have very little baggage. They concentrate on making the world a better place and know that death is just another part of life. What comes after, comes after.

My percentages are as follows:

  1. Spiritual Atheist – 100%
  2. Agnostic – 92%
  3. Apathetic Atheist – 92%
  4. Scientific Atheist – 75%
  5. Theist – 50%
  6. Angry Atheist – 33%
  7. Militant Atheist – 0%

What shall we do without instant/pop quizzes?


Seems like this will be the state of affairs for some time now.

The community of Bloggers in my class has reached a critical density – a grand number of 9. And I’ve not considered others who may be publishing on Blogger unknown to me or on LiveJournal or using WordPress or MT. To keep us together, sort of like adding a sustaining element to a chemical process, I have started a team blog. So far, two of the eight guys have come onboard. The slack may be becuase I’ve timed it right on the first day of Ganeshotsav. But never mind if it sinks. This will be… lets see, my third community site (one team blog on Blogger during Nov-Dec 2004 and a Yabb-driven hosted forum were the first two) which will sink.


My poor machine suffered the fate of being used by my sister, an administrator-level user suffering from the toaster syndrome. Or worse, a washing machine syndrome. Check this – 2 presses on button 1, 3 on button 2, flick the load switch and you are done. Now, on a PC, 1 click here, 2 there, 1 right click, select an Option, hit Enter, you are done. Sounds similar?

First, she bit my head off – “The Net is not working. You must have screwed it deliberately”. Ahh, sibling rivalry. “The Net” means all the componets from the NIC on my PC to the CAT-5 cable to the area switch (see my previous post) to Pacenet servers to their fibre-optic link to the Internet backbone. Hmm. But this “error” was “Ethernet Controller Detected” and the OS showed no clue of any NIC being present in the hardware. It was as if something had knocked off a module from the OS and the OS was now claiming a new hardware. Oh well. Two rounds of the New Hardware Found Wizard (once with the OS installation disc and then with the NIC drivers disc) didn’t rectify the problem. Then, I simply took out the NIC, did a startup-shutdown cycle and put in the NIC back. Everything was back to normal. Only Gates and God knew what happened.

Then she went ahead and installed something called Hotbar for smileys, wallpapers, customisable toolbars and a local weather conditions indicator! Hell of a choice for an admin-guy, I must say. The thing sat in my sys-tray and whenever I opened an explorer window, it would fire up a net-based setup. Even the un-install required an active net connection. Damn. This lady works in Orange, somewhere in their Customer Care department. Her job usually involves some highly customised software used for call centres. If this is what her computer IQ is, I wonder what Orange must be paying its system/network administrators.


My site is due for an overhaul. The Matlab thingy fell through. Mainly, because I envisioned a bigger document than I could possibly handle. It was also becoming redundant and I was focussing more and more on how to make it different than Matlab’s own Help, which started dragging it down. This time, the idea is to simply point the reader to specific nodes in Matlab’s Help – it should be better than the reader going through the huge documentation on his own.

i got icq!!!!

Yup. I got myself an ICQ number. You may ask why? Many reasons.

  1. I *hate* integration. The only reason I’m holding on to my Yahoo id is because of its IM. I can subscribe to Yahoo groups using my non-Yahoo ID too. This integrated/consolidated service reminds me too much of MS and MSN. Did you know that MSN has a blogging service too – of course you need a MSN id for that. Thank God that up to now, Gmail and Blogger are separate. And so, ICQ it is.
  2. I hate integrated services that offer you everything (even if you want only some things) or nothing.
  3. I hate… you get the idea.
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