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language and land

For all those who are thinking about  the ‘sons of the soil’ from the language angle, here’s something to put it into perspective – http://xkcd.com/84/.

Now, please continue your farcical agitations until we all revert to speaking in grunts and growls like our real ‘at the beginning of time’ ancestors.


I thought the word revert meant

to return to a former habit, practice, belief, condition, etc.

At least, that is what dictionary.com tells me. I’m having trouble reconciling its meaning with its usage.

what a wonderul[sic] day to revert to the alma-mater and get nostalgic…

Well, that was the most appalling misuse to date, that I had seen. But how many of you have missed the following gem?

Please revert back to me/us as soon as possible with <insert whatever document or changes or information the person is asking>

I/We shall revert back to you as soon as possible with <insert whatever document or changes or information you are asking>

This particular usage is shockingly common – at least I’ve seen my unfair share of it while I’ve been at Direxions. That it doesn’t reflect on the language skills of Direxions executives is apparent – because I have heard this phrase when I called the HSBC helpline too.

The closest approximation I can get to is : revert back equals report back or get back. I wonder whether this deliberate misuse is taught in the management schools.