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India beats the US, does better than SOPA and PIPA

So Slashdot carried an article about Zuckerberg getting married. Someone put in a link to a picture of the happy couple. Naturally, I clicked it, being curious and all. And I got this:

Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders

Of course, I have Copyright Labs, Chennai, to thank for this. Just because someone wanted to protect the income from their latest blockbuster, they have taken away my rights to information access. I am sure there is a clause somewhere in the Indian Constitution determining whether this is legal.

I am not supporting Pirate Bay, torrent web sites or other portals whose sole purpose is piracy. But it is the copyright owner’s responsibility to exercise due diligence and issue take-down notices only for genuine infringement cases identified by specific URLs or access conditions. This is possible. People have taken down infringing content without inconveniencing other users. Taking down entire portals, most of which have legitimate uses, is simply not done.

Criminals use roads and vehicles to get away from their crime scenes. You don’t see roads and vehicles being banned, do you?

Copyright Labs can’t escape the blame by saying they hadn’t asked for a blanket ban. It was their representation which was heard in the court and it was their responsibility to make sure that this did not happen. They took the lazy way out. They are to blame.

ISPs who share common parentage with distributors and studios – Reliance, I am looking at you – should get a clue. Do the shovel work yourself. Don’t impose blanket bans on the Internet because you are too busy earning money. You have to name specific instances of genuine infringement and only block those, not go nuclear on the Internet. Otherwise you simply too incompetent.