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When The Rainbow Bled – 2

I actually went beyond stating facts and allowed my emotions to seep through in the first rainbow post. I was frustrated that a good guy turned out to have feet of clay. I was unnerved by the sheer vindictiveness shown by the LGBT activists.

There is reason behind the vindictiveness. Just like the Caitlin family, there are plenty of stories about how lack of equal rights have hampered same-sex couples – legally, financially and socially. These are not hypothetical but real, tangible issues – not being able to get your partner under insurance cover, not being able to get a visa to visit your country, threat of being fired from your job. All this, over and above basic discrimination in all spheres of life. Some of the victims are members of the Mozilla community.

When these activists found out that Eich was being elevated to be the face of Mozilla, they found a target for their collective anger. Just as society and government brought down the full weight of their disapproval on each victim at a time, these activists bore down on Eich like a tsunami of vengeance. It is easier to destroy the CEO of a company creating a non-essential yet high-profile product dependent on its community, than taking the fight country-wide (world-wide?) against all those other bigots in public and private offices. They have put Eich’s head on stake to serve as a warning to others.

Maybe we, the outsiders, would have preferred to see a little less vindictiveness. A little more restraint. Maybe we feel pity for Eich who has been driven away from the community he created 15 years ago. This is not a justification for either the activists or Eich. But we don’t know the extent of misery the LGBT victims have gone through. We can never have a full grasp of their anger. Right now, their policy is to destroy any opponent they can with as much publicity as they can get. They are not in the mood for taking prisoners. This is only turning them into the monsters they hate, though they may not acknowledge it.

We can only hope that as their win their victories, as their misery reduces, they learn to be tolerant of dissenting views. One day, let’s hope they learn to be gracious victors.