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Another M is good for N!

The Nano finally has a home in Gujarat.

Industrial powerhouses like Tatas and Mahindras are known for fulfilling their corporate responsibility, both towards society and ecology. It is conscionable that Ratan Tata refused to run a factory in an antagonistic environment. He is in the business of setting up industrial complexes, not forts.

What Bengal has missed (blame whomsoever you want) is “an agriculture and marine biology research centre in the state” and “an ITI near the Nano plant for training workers”. Gujarat just had 10,000 less unemployed youth. The Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation has kicked off a general development program around Sanand to balance and enhance the factory complex that Tata Motors would be setting up. A railway hub is coming up nearby and rest assured it will figure on the roadway network too.

Meanwhile, Yechury of the communists has spoken a brilliant one-liner.

You cannot go into an area and say I will build my house only if everyone gives the assurance that it will not be burgled.

I was left breathless – is that how the communists have ruled Bengal for more than thirty years? Yechury says the Bengal Government promised security to the Tatas. We know how good that security is: ask the thousands of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who come to Mumbai every year via a Dhaka-Mumbai flight.

Meanwhile, here’s wishing  Mamata and her farmers good luck as they fill (at least) Bengal’s grain silos with rice, now that they have their land back.

updated on 18/10/2008, 9:15 PM