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Biker meets road

It took three years for me to fall off my motorcycle. I don’t want to know what that says about my riding style!

I tripped the bike when moving over from the shoulder to the main road. The paver blocks on the road shoulder are often not level with the concrete main road surface. I was thinking of “office” stuff, it was way past my usual commute time and it was dark. I misjudged the level between paver blocks and concrete and my bike tipped to the right. The momentum threw me forward so I cleared the bike.

Thanks to the driver of the car I was overtaking! He braked well and saved me some serious grief.

My bike got away easily – scratches on the exhaust, kick-start, leg guard and headlamp cowl. The sticker work on the cowl took some scarring – I think it had an intense chat with the concrete’s edge. My body took some hits – sore knee, elbow and neck on the right side and sore palms and wrists on both sides.

People standing nearby, waiting for their own purposes, helped me up quickly and moved me to the footpath. Some kind Samaritan recovered my left RVM which had rocketed off on to the road. Someone else recovered my bike. And yeah, my heart was racing, adrenaline was pumping and all that shit happened, I guess. My first thought was “Damn, how will I get my bike home?”

I took a few minutes to calm down. People asked me to test my joints – no fractures. Nothing leaking from my bike. After 5 minutes, I shook hands and thanked the ones I could recollect helping me and took off again.

And here the scary part began. My thenar muscles hurt like hell. In fact, a week later, they still hurt. I almost couldn’t hold the handlebar. And operating the horn or dipper was out 😦 … And I was so eager trying to figure out how I tripped over the road shoulder that I almost rolled myself off-road once.

Once home, I blew a thousand bucks on prescribed painkillers.

Oh well, shit happens.