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piling up accounts

Now, I know I’m partly to blame for this – but why don’t free account providers give an account cancellation/deletion facility? I have run up memberships for 6 accounts which I don’t need now and they don’t have this facility. Mails to support only draw forth a “We heard you loud and clear” response. And the only thing I can do is hope they get deleted some time soon. Won’t want them cracked. For they are smart enough to force you to put your true email id in their DB, but not smart enough to allow you to delete them. Why? Maybe, they have lots of server space to give away. And I thought allowing users to drop their accounts will help them keep up their efficiency.

spring cleaning

Time to clean up the bookmarks folder. Lots of unused accounts. Those that could be canceled/deleted are either just that or on their way. Others are… well, I’ve left them to de-activate themselves.

Another thing I got to know was how difficult it is to get a web-community going. Finally, I returned to good ol’ blogging. Here, it is I who shall rule and I have no one to wait for. Sure feels good.



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