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And he's back!


Sometime around 2009, I lost interest in writing on rvbhute.org.

It may have been fatigue. I was on a project that seemed a dead-end to me. Web development at work and then repeating it at home in a different context. I was not blogging so much as working on the blog.

Then again, it may have been the dead-weight of the past dragging me down. Walk Alone was born as Random Thoughts on Blogger when 2004 was drawing to a close. I was a student knowing that I would be doing something worthwhile on the Internet, but not what. I believed it was only a matter of time.  And I was naïve.

After college, I found that sticking to plans made while in college was a little difficult. I changed jobs over the years, working with different sets of people on projects of varying scale and complexity. All to build up the toolbox I needed to do something on the Internet.  I trusted the people I was working with to have the same ideals as me – to use this wonderful medium to bring simple and useful products and services to the masses; unrestricted by any barrier of technology or affordability. I thought they too wanted to give something back, as it were.

I was naïve. And my thoughts from over five years ago mocked me. I couldn’t face them. In their wake, I couldn’t face myself or the work I was doing. So I stopped blogging.

Now, this blog represents a fresh start for me. I have seen the shit that is the industry I have chosen to work in – no apologies for the crude language. And outside of work, life remains the same – uncertain and harried.

And yet I hope this blog has a better life and lasts longer than Random Thoughts and Walk Alone.

See you guys around!

Edit – The trigger for finally restarting my blog is some feedback from the author of a corporate blog that shall remain unnamed for now. My sarcasm was a tad bit too unrefined for the blog. And my simple one line take on a company acquisition news triggered a rehashed explanation on why he is right and I don’t “get” the bigger picture. Some people have the compulsive need to

  • pull up numbers from sources who don’t know anything better themselves
  • explain everything in big buzzword terms
  • assign complicated reasoning where the simplest of truths would suffice

They are not satisfied until they have convinced themselves and others that the only explanation for an action is a convoluted and complex chain of reasoning backed by irrefutable facts that are, somehow, always beyond the horizon of any dissenting party.

Usually, these people have the magic characters – M, B and A – after their name.

Too bad, I decided. You can imagine me stroking my cheek like Dilandau in Escaflowne and chanting, “my Internet, my opinion, no shackles”.


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