a bird called thunder

While I spent the whole day yesterday making my PC and blog current, today was wasted in implementing an e-mail client in rigging up AVG to scan the mails. Thunderbird is fast, as predicted. But allowing AVG, good it may be, to take over the pipeline resulted in disaster. Reliability of outgoing mails dropped with 95% of them hugely delayed and the rest couldn’t be delivered – reasons unknown. Incoming mails were no better with the connection itself failing for various cryptic reasons. “avg+gmail+thunderbird” on google revealed the scope of the problem. While individually or in tandem, all are outstanding products, in a troika, they bite the dust. Got referred to ‘Avast!’. Hugely complex UI. And there was nothing to show me that it was touching the mails – and I didn’t have any infected mails around to check the product. So it was back to AVG. And I’ve maintained the pairing of GMail and Thunderbird. It rocks!

And something on Rediff. This hugely popular portal, for some reason, refuses to stop being biased against Firefox. Their website renders differently and their mail service offers different layouts to IE and Firefox browsers. And now, their IM application, rediff Bol is supposedly incompatible with Firefox, Netscape and Opera !? For one, I’ve had no trouble from their popups and ads – because I use Firefox. So I guess its a small price that the “click to add to ‘To:’ field” feature goes missing in Firefox. And, so far, everything related to Bol has worked in Firefox, so that is also put to rest. But then, rediff shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it, hm?